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Date:  Feb 09, 2021

There is no denying that ATM security is extremely vulnerable! Even after lots of efforts and dedication of the service providers, these machines have always remained an easy and attractive target for hackers.

However, it’s a sophisticated crime indeed, and you need to give added attention on your part to get the required safety. And highly vulnerable nature of this system has already emerged different baseless myths about its security. Delve into the upcoming lines of today’s blog and get introduced to the most significant of them precisely.

These Are A Few Common Myths About ATM Security

Myth 1- ATM Security Depends On The Customers Only

Some people prefer to show customer carelessness as the foremost cause of ATM security issues. But the reality says it is not the scenario at all. Researches conducted by renowned universities found that only customer carelessness has nothing to do with this issue at all. Hijackers play a more significant role than them. Believe it or not, hijackers can steal money from there using a smartwatch!

Myth 2- Only An Experienced And Sophisticated Hacker Can Steal Money From ATM

Although ATM defrauding an ATM requires special skill and knowledge, it’s not true everywhere at all! Five California teenagers ranging from 13 to 16 years were arrested due to breaking the ATM security in 2015! It is not a tough job to be a pro-ATM hacker! Even an adolescent with minimal knowledge in this sector can do this task easily.

Myth 3- You Can Find Out ATM Interface Devices Easily

The professional ATM hackers use specific designed and advanced components to steal the card details of the users. They match the card readers flawlessly to make them difficult to find out. Even trained and experienced people can difficulty in recognizing their presence. Hence, it is advisable not to be over-confident when it is about finding those hidden tools.

Myth 4- Chip Cards Can Save All Machines From Hacking

The introduction of EMV or chip card technology has helped a lot to decrease the number of ATM fraud. But, it is not the best solution at all. Experienced hackers may avoid them easily, using simple tools like plastic devices or ultrathin metal components.

Myth 5- Hackers Make Use Of Hidden Cameras Or Advanced Thin Copy Device Only

There is something beyond these two a professional hacker uses. A myriad of new and surprising hacking technologies have got introduced to the market now. Bluetooth-enabled components are one most notable among them.

Hence, what should be your first step to avoiding ATM hacking? Well, there’s no fixed rule at all. Be safe on your part, and to install this system safely, feel free to get an ATM from us! Our experienced experts will build your trust excellently, giving you the best services at a fair rate.

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