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Date:  Dec 14, 2020

It’s truly frustrating that you visit an ATM store and see the ‘Out of Order’ sign on the machine. And that’s what the ATM owners lead to losing customers. However, to run an ATM business briskly, customer service should be the most crucial consideration. Hence, ATM owners need to keep their machines under regular servicing and maintenance. These allow people to access their cash smoothly. Nevertheless, ATMs stop functioning.

Do you have an ATM business? Then you must be aware of a few common ATM issues that need repair. And these are what you will come across in this blog. So, carry on reading!

A Few Issues Encountered by ATM Customers

Many people nowadays are embracing the ATM business. But if your machine suddenly stops functioning, your business will lag behind in this competitive market. Hence, it’s prudent to be well aware of ATM issues so that you can take the necessary action on time.

1. A Faulty Dispenser

A rare but frustrating problem that can take place is an ATM with a defective dispenser. It means the machine is unable to dispense cash after inserting the card and providing the right info. But still, the amount is debited from the customer’s account.

Well, this kind of issue should be eliminated immediately as it’s a big hassle for both the ATM owner and customer. Most importantly, this issue involves a security risk.

In this respect, ATM owners need to call experts of an ATM company. And they should check surveillance videos to watch what was happening during the transaction.

2. Defective Card Reader

Credit and debit card comes with a dark stripe on the back. It’s a magnetic strip that contains significant details about the card as well as the owner. However, after swiping the card at an ATM, the reader verifies this information before authorizing the transaction. But if the machine is excessively used, the card reader may wear out.

It means the reader can’t verify the cardholders’ banking information. Well, to eliminate this issue, the experts examine the reader to check whether it needs repair, replacement, or cleaning.

3. Unresponsive Keypad

Keypads are one of the most important parts of an ATM. These are essential for providing the significant info required to withdraw cash. However, due to the excessive usage of an ATM, these become prone to breaking. And faulty keypads can lead to severe issues that can affect the usability of an ATM.

These may not respond after tapping or even freeze. However, these issues require professional help to be eliminated. They would disassemble the ATM to figure out the reason for this problem.

4. An Issue Regarding the Receipt

Customers need a paper receipt in order to have a record of an ATM transaction. It will help ATM users identify the place and time of the transaction in the event that there is a problem with the ATM. It can be a faulty dispenser. It means the ATM will periodically face an issue with dispensing paper receipts.

In this respect, professionals examine whether the ATM is run out of papers. Is there ink in the printer? Or is there any jam that prevents the machine from dispensing the receipt? As the receipt contains vital information about the transaction, one should get this issue repaired as early as possible.

5. Software Issues

ATM technology has been developing day by day. Nowadays, ATMs give a facility of the touch screen. Besides advanced technology is used in this system, which depends on computer software to function. Therefore, ATMs also can face software issues like other machines. Hence, updating the ATM software on a regular basis is imperative. Nevertheless, software malfunction can occur.

In this situation, ATM owners need to take the help of ATM specialists. The experts have extensive knowledge about ATM programming. However, they will scan the machine to check for viruses. After that, they install new and updated software and fix the issue that has taken place.

A malfunctioning ATM is truly frustrating for both customers and ATM owners. And not fixing these issues will lead an ATM business to be shuttered down. Hence, one needs to get an ATM repaired on time. And to run an ATM business, it’s a must to get in touch with a trusted ATM company.

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